Product involved: Mucosamin Spray

Management of Oral Mucositis


Mucosamin spray in the management of oral mucositis


  • 27 patients given radio-chemotherapy with signs of oral mucositis of at least grade 1 on the OMS scale,
  •  application of Mucosamin spray on lesions 3-4 times per day for 14 days showed


  • Pain score using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
  • CRI (Clinical Resolution Index) for measurement of healing was assessed
  • Compliance for Mucosamin Spray was evaluated as: a – good; b – sufficient; c – scarce
  • Before each new session, any adverse effect of previous treatment was recorded

Oral mucositis pain scores assessed with visual analogue scale after treatment with Mucosamin

Pain Relief

Very effective treatment of lesions

Healing Time

Clinical Results

• Absence of undesired effects
• Absence of interruptions in radiochemotherapy treatment

Other Clinical Evidence

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